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Seleucid And Arsacid Studies

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I. Iran during the formation of the Hellenistic State. A source analysis - 7

II. The weakness of the Seleucid Kingdom: satrap rebellions and Scythian and Celtic invasions - 15

III. A critique of Arrian's account of the origins of the Arsacid Parthian State. The role of Strabo and Justin - 23

IV. New sources from Iran and Babylonia for Seleucid and Arsacid history, and their significance for the reconstruction of  the historical developments - 31

V. Central Asia, its links and role in the shaping of the new Hellenistic order in the Near East - 35

VI. Seleucid setbacks in the struggle against the Arsacids, and the eleucid anti-Arsacid propaganda campaing - 36

VII. A reconstruction of the process of disintegration of Seleucid power in Iran in the 3 century BC - 39

VIII. The historicity of Arsaces I and his invasion of Iran - 41

IX. The peoples of Central Aia, their cultural level and reaction to the Macedonian imperialist threat - 45

X. The Arsacids and the Hellenistic world: a critique of some recent opinions - 53

XI. Source analysis and criticism. New grounds for a chronology of the disintegration of Seleucid power in Iran and its causes - 59

XII. The Arsacids and the Iranian world: policies and reform - 67

XIII. Seleucids and Arsacids in the Roman sphere of influence. Demise of the Seleucids.Arsacids versus Rome in Armenia - 78

XIV. Domestic transformations in the Parthian state: the Arsacids claim the Achaemenid legacy - 85

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